Statistical Analysis

This post is brief overview of my entire blog and its stats.

This blog was a fun assignment for school that kept my mind thinking. It helped me keep writing and creating new content. I will continue this blog even after this class. It is good way to get my self recognized and voice heard. Hopefully in time, my blog will grow and more people will read it. I will no doubt go on more adventures and post about them. I have found a few things to be helpful when using WordPress: a few good tools are the widgets. They allow people who read your blog to get another look at who the author is. They are not just a voice behind a screen, but a real person experiencing all these things. Promotions are another good tool. looking back now, I  would have promoted it on more than just twitter to get a wider audience base.

One tool I had trouble with was the comment option. I received a comment, but was not able to find it when I went back to me blog. There should be easier way to access any comments or communication readers seek. An inbox or notification center would be a good tool for blogs. It would help the author communicate with the readers better. If I could change my site, I would probably take a more focused approach to my topic about travel. Alaska and Canada are huge places. I would narrow it down to the top places I went, but for the sake of content, I just talked about the whole Alaska trip.

Blog post promotion picture: By Colleen Ducat

I will definitely continue this blog, and it will help me keep my mind working, thinking and creating new material for people to view. This is a good networking and social tool for people and companies to find you. It allows people to hear your voice and read what you have to say. There is a lot of writing in advertising, and I think this blog would help in that field because it keeps the mind working. It also helps focus on relevant topics among young people. Advertising is all about new perspectives and engaging the minds of people around the world, and if I can do that through a small blog, then this was all worth it.

Through out this process, I have noticed that the more popular blogs are those who post content on a regular basis. They use the statistical tools to their advantage. Knowing when to post and when not to. I have experimented through the writing process by posting at different time of the week to see which times are most popular.

My most popular week was September 17-23. This is when I first started posting content, and my blog got noticed. I got a total of 62 views and 25 visitors. My most popular post was “Parental Guidance” which was posted on September 20, 2018. This post got a total of 15 views throughout the semester. I think this post was popular because it was the start of the whole topic. It was the most thought out and planned post. It may have something to do with the title as well. A well thought title can make all the difference.

I was surprised by the decreasing numbers I was getting. I got a lot when I first started, but the number of views fell quickly as I posted more content. Maybe it wasn’t as strong of content as the first few posts, but the decrease in numbers surprised me. With the use of social media I found that some platforms are more useful than others. Twitter was a less useful tool, since I only had a few followers. I used Instagram throughout the semester and that seemed to be really useful. I used two tool of Instagram to promote my posts. I posted pictures of my blog and used the story option for a quick promotion. I started looking at other websites about promoting blog posts. Forbes posted a good article about different techniques you can use to promote your work and get a wider audience.

So throughout this process I’ve learned that I need to focus more on my content, and promote to more people and platforms to reach a bigger audience base.


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