Parental Guidance

To start this off right, I need to thank my parents for allowing me to tag along with them. My parents, who are avid travelers and RV enthusiasts, have always wanted to take a road trip to Alaska. Summer, 2018, they finally went through with it, and they asked me if I wanted to go with them. My original plan was to only go as far as Seattle, then head home. I had so much fun driving with them to Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. I saw so much beauty and country, that I wasn’t ready to leave just yet.
Cape Flattery, Washington: by Colleen Ducat
Three days before I was set to fly back to Texas, I took a day trip up the coast of Olympic National Park with my dad. We hiked up to Cape Flattery: the most northwest point on the continental United States. Halfway there we took a short break to get food. On the docks of La Push, Washington looking out over the water sat River’s Edge (I recommend the fish and chips). While I stared out a waterfront window at the waves and rocky islands, and relaxed in the peaceful atmosphere, I realized there was so much more beauty out there to see. I knew that I needed to experience more for myself.
So I messaged my boss, posing the hypothetical question about me going to Alaska with my parents. I was on cloud nine when he replied, “just go, your parents are paying for everything anyway.” So it was final and I dropped everything. I canceled the summer class I was going to take and headed to Alaska. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This made me realize that you have to experience things when you are young or else you’ll never get the chance. So thanks to my parents, I was able to go on the trip of a lifetime and I am so grateful to them.