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we did it our way blog photo: by authors Carine and Derek

Hello dear readers, I would like to take a moment to tell you about another blog I love. If you like my work, then head over to this site for more content you’d love. If you love travel, and adventure there are many cool blogs out there to choose from; however, if you seek something more fulfilling and inspiring, then I am suggesting this amazing blog. You will love every word of it, and want to keep reading. I know I do.

The blog, “we did our way” is written by Carine and Derek, two world travelers that live their life to the fullest. They promote living your best life, and that is ultimately my goal as well. These two have been to so many amazing places, and have so many stories to tell. We all have our own unique story. It’s just a matter of actually taking the steps necessary to achieve our goals. Carine and Derek inspire people to do just that.

These two knew they wanted to see the world and explore. So they made the decision to put their home lives on hold and take an adventure. They chose to do what they want while they still can, so they dropped everything and are living their best life. Carine and Derek inspire and strive to make dreams to become reality. Go check them out for funny and inspiring content that will lift your spirits!




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