Hidden Treasures

We started the trek to Alaska by crossing the border into Canada. We were met with so many pleasant surprises along the way. British Columbia is a province with many large and small cities within its vast acreage but between each city is miles and miles of beautiful country. I saw an abundance of rivers, mountains and wildlife: bears, moose, and eagles to name a few. My dad asked me to be the navigator of the trip. He wanted me to find unique places to visit, and within a day of driving through British Columbia, we found two fantastic waterfalls– Shannon Falls, the third tallest waterfall in Canada; and Nairn Falls, Provincial Park. This unplanned exploring provoked us to explore all the places we traveled to and find all the hidden gems they had to offer.

To be able to go on this length of trip, you need to consider a budget. This leads to finding free or inexpensive places to sleep. Since we were in an RV, it was a little trickier. Luckily, British Columbia has a series of hydro recreation areas with free camping. Outside the little town of Lillooet, British Columbia sits the Hydro Seton Lake campsite: One of the best free campsites I have ever stayed in. surrounded by mountains and rivers in the wilderness.

British Columbia was not what we were expecting. My dad thought it would be a quick drive through the province, like that of some of our fly over states; however, we ended up exploring British Columbia for nineteen days. In that time, we ventured to every place that was on our route to Alaska. Witnessed my first glacier—The Salmon Glacier– in the extremely small town of Hyder, Alaska, jointed by the town of Stewart, BC. There are no customs to get into that part of Alaska, since the only way out is back through Canada.  This was just a teaser of what the rest of Alaska was like. After spending a week exploring south east British Columbia, we pushed northbound to the Alaskan/Canadian border.


3 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Glad you liked British Columbia! We are from Montreal Canada and we visited BC for the first time a year ago and we were blown away by it’s beauty! We stayed mostly near Vancouver, Victoria Island and headed to the Rockies to go to Banff. Next time I would love to visit more places off the beaten path, 19 days must have been awesome!

    Derek & Carine


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